Sevastopol outraged roller, insult the Russian population of Ukraine

Sebastopol Community shocked by the appearance on the television movie, hurt the national dignity of the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine, told RIA Novosti the chairman of the movement For a single Rus, Vladimir Tyunin.
Since August 10, on television channel Inter social broadcast commercials to the Independence Day of Ukraine. According to the scenario from 14 nationalities living in Ukraine tell us about the love of country and sing the anthem of Ukraine in their native language. According to the authors clips Mark and Anne Gres, Ukraines national anthem sung in 14 languages.
Clip of the Russian-speaking Ukrainians insults the national feelings of the Russian population of the country, said Tyunin.
The Jews are shown in the school, the work of the Armenians, Georgians on the dance stage, and Gypsies in the field, with a guitar, all inspired, intelligent face and literate speech. A Russian on the contrary - the main character is sleeping on the street, wakes up, scratches his belly, he overgrown, the vest and the Marine cap rises, it raises the valleys with the brine. And then there is a company with an accordion. accordion in some shorts, barefoot, unshaven faces and all, to put it mildly, neoduhotvorennye, - said.
Public organizations of the city prepared a letter to President Viktor Yanukovych with a demand to stop broadcasting such commercials on the TV channel Inter and an investigation into the public humiliation of national dignity of Russian-speaking part of Ukraine.
Script clips Mark Gres told Ukrainian Internet-edition Today that he tried to pick up an image, with whom he associated or another nation. For example, the Hungarians are associated with goulash, Armenians - from cobblers, still in Kiev, most of the diaspora is engaged sapozhnichestvom - said Gres. He did not say with what he has been associated Russian, but said that before writing communicated with communities - Jewish, Armenian, and so on. I did not want to diminish the draw national pride, - said the director. Today sets and scenes clips - Jewish, Armenian, Georgian.

15 August 2010

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