Ukraine is not lost (The New York Times, U.S.)

The pessimists bemoan the inevitable loss of Ukraine West for many years, but started it only since in February was elected president Viktor Yanukovich. He recently signed an agreement to extend the lease of the Russian naval base in Crimea, in what they saw a sign for the presidents desire to consolidate the countrys status as a satellite of Russia.

Of course, the treaty with Russia - it is bad. In exchange for a discount on natural gas, effective through 2019, President Yanukovych allow Moscow to keep its Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol port until 2042. In so doing he allowed Russia to retain its foothold in Crimea - the most unstable part of Ukraine - as well as the overall military capability in the Black Sea region was unstable. To leave this event without proper attention can not, especially after the events of August 2008, when grappled Russia and neighboring Georgia.

Several major concern in connection with the concluded agreement is the way in which it was concluded from this and what conclusions can be drawn regarding the relationship of law to Yanukovych in Ukraine.

The Constitution prohibits the stationing of foreign military bases on the territory of Ukraine, but this prohibition is formulated somewhat ambiguous. Moreover, the agreement of the Navy did not even referred to the Council of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine for the mandatory review and through the normal process of ratification in the parliament does not pass. If we remember also how questionable in terms of constitutionality were steps Yanukovych to form a parliamentary majority, it raises serious questions about his willingness to play by the rules in general.

It is too early to judge, especially if the president Yanukovich helps Russia steal Ukraine from the West. He set up a more friendly toward Moscow than his predecessor, but the truth is that he backed into a corner of the complex mix of geopolitical literacy, personal interests and pre-existing problems.

22 May 2010

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